Mr Bamboozle experienced children’s entertainer and magician

Please note this page is for Early Childhood shows in the Sydney, Campbelltown and Wollongong areas only. For shows outside these areas, including interstate, please call 0432 678 114 or email

Mr Bamboozle’s Early Childhood shows are ideal for Preschools, Child Care Centres and Kindergartens as they are specifically tailored for that age group. Using fun magic, silly antics and puppets, the shows are paced so every child can be involved and are positive experiences for everyone.

Watch as Mr Bamboozle's magical antics fire up the children’s imagination and transports them into a world of fun, magic-gone-wrong and unexpected surprises! The children will be kept laughing and enthralled from beginning to end as Mr Bamboozle’s colourful magic brings memorable silliness and laughter to their day.

“…the only act to have our children engrossed for the whole show.”

Mr Bamboozle entertaining children with his magic show

Don't Give Up! Magic Show

Mr Bamboozle is having trouble with his magic - he just can't seem to do it today. Even with all the children helping, the show takes some very funny, very unexpected twists and turns. A charming show with messages about resilience, self-belief and self-confidence.

Friends Are Great! Magic Show

Mr Bamboozle’s friends are missing and the children help to find them. Along the way they help him smooth things over with his friend Robbie Raccoon. Children are thoroughly engaged as they help Mr Bamboozle and hear messages on friendship, listening and sharing.

It's Nearly Christmas Magic Show

Mr Bamboozle has a big Christmas show coming up and he is nervous because Santa will be there. Can the children help him get ready in time for the big day?

Fun Fun Fun! Magic Show

The children seem to be playing tricks on Mr Bamboozle and don’t they love it as his magic goes hilariously wrong! A mighty fun show that engages and empowers all the children. Suitable for celebrations and all-faith audiences.

“Wonderful show that the kids are still talking about"

Early Years Learning Framework

Of course the shows are lots of fun, but they are much more than that. For the Don't Give Up! and Friends Are Great! shows you will be provided with a user-friendly e-workbook that helps you to best utilise the whole incursion experience toward the children's enjoyment and achieving EYLF outcomes.  It has been developed in consultation with senior child educators working in the industry and can be used as evidence for assessment purposes.

It includes information and worksheets regarding pre and post-show activities for the children, getting staff involved, a list of the show’s contents and its direct links to EYLF that you can use for post-show discussions and activities with the children.

That means the children are not only learning while having a great time, but staff are engaged and able to look at the show in terms of using the experience in the children’s learning. It’s all laid out for them to make it as easy as possible and they can write notes directly into the workbook during the show.


  • Age-specific hilarious, positive and interactive magic show
  • Theatrical backdrop
  • Portable PA system with music and sound effects
  • Customisable A3 and A4-size posters to advertise the show to parents, help to build the anticipation and familiarise children with Mr Bamboozle even before he arrives
  • Customisable tickets (printed notes) for each child to take home improve show awareness, attendance numbers and save you the trouble of making your own
  • Souvenir Mr Bamboozle name tags for each child make the show more personal as children are referred to by name
  • Post-show group and individual photo opportunity - great for the children's portfolios
  • Professional yet personal service and attention to detail


Mr Bamboozle EYLF e-Workbook for Don't Give Up and Friends Are Great helps you to get the most out of the show in terms of the children's enjoyment as well as the EYLF Outcome Areas

"...provided flyers which made it easy to inform parents of his visit"

"A great show that will be talked about for some time to come.”


Discounts are available for services that have had a show in this or last year and for booking multiple shows in the same calendar year. A generous discounted rate is available for small groups of up to 25 children as well as customised show and a very generous discounted rate for groups of children with additional needs.

Email to request current rates

“…extremely professional.”

“…very professional and in tune with the children’s interest level.”

"...the kids were completely and utterly engaged..."

Book Instantly!

For the Greater Sydney area, book online in under 3 minutes with instant confirmation of your booking.

For other areas, for customised shows or more information please email

“…the most organised visiting act we have had at the centre.”

“The children loved it and talked about it for days."


Is the show suitable for the 0-2 year old age group?

Yes - as part of a group that includes preschoolers. While shows are specifically designed for the 3-5yo age group and rely on their responses, questions and understanding, any toddlers in the group will also get a lot from it.  Babies too, are welcome as are children from other days. The more the merrier!

Do I need to provide a lot of space for the show?

Mr Bamboozle is very flexible, meaning he can adapt to the smallest of spaces. He once performed for an entire primary school in a shoebox. Having said that, for the children's experience of the show and their comfort, as big as you can, please.

Do I need to provide any special equipment for Mr Bamboozle?

Mr Bamboozle is self sufficient and will bring everything he needs including his own power.

Does Mr Bamboozle have a Working With Children Check and Public Liability insurance?

Yes, he has a WWCC and carries public liability insurance. Both are provided as a matter of course when the booking is confirmed.

How can the show appeal to all ages?

Mr Bamboozle (Michael Patterson) is a fulltime children’s entertainer. He does not perform at birthday parties or for adult audiences. His focus is on children and on incursions. He has performed thousands of shows and is passionate about bringing quality entertainment to children and impacting positively on their lives. He has trained in theatre, storytelling, clowning and magic as well as comedy writing and stand-up. He continually invests in professional development in all of these areas.

If we book more than one magic show in the same year will it be the same show?

With different shows to choose from, that is really up to you.

Is Mr Bamboozle registered for GST?

Yes, he is.

The children were engaged the whole show. Mr Bamboozle was very professional and in tune with the children’s interest level.

Trishelle Threadgate, ABC Muswellbrook

Wonderful show that the kids are still talking about!

Amy Ryan, ABC Young

The children really enjoyed the show.

Amy Bradfield, Tilly’s Greta

A great show that will be talked about for some time to come.

Anthony Postle, Hobbit Preschool and Childcare Centre

Mr Bamboozle was fantastic. All the kids enjoyed the show. We would love to have you back.

Belinda, North Cowra Children’s Centre

Great to have an appropriate incursion for kids that was a little bit different.

Claire King, Stepping Stones Young

Great! Definitely would love to have Mr Bamboozle back next year.

Jade Ryan, Tilly’s Muswellbrook

The children really enjoyed the performance and laughed a lot. The tricks and magic were enjoyed by everyone. Thanks for coming to the centre and showing us your magic tricks.

Jess Lancaster, Rainbow ELC

Well done – the only act to have our children engrossed for the whole show.

Linda Robinson, ABC Estella

Thanks for a great show – the children are still talking about it!

Marcelle Thomson, Explore and Develop Norwest

We found Mr Bamboozle to be the most organised visiting act we have had at the centre. He contacted us well in advance to organise his show, he provided flyers which made it easy to inform parents of his visit. He was very professional in his appearance and the children loved the show.

Meredith Cameron, Imaginations ELC Mudgee

The children loved it and talked about it for days.

Natalie Hay, Waratah ELC

Would love to see you again.

Rebecca Wilson, Guyra Preschool & Long Day Care

The children really enjoyed the show.

Rika Cain, Hill Street Children’s Centre

The children loved it. Thank you.

Sharn Mason, Rainbow Cottage Occasional Childcare Centre

We had a wonderful time with Mr Bamboozle. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the Wombats and Koalas. Thank you.

Susan Franco, Explore and Develop Lilyfield

Kids of all ages enjoy Mr Bamboozle's different shows