Mr Bamboozle experienced children’s entertainer and magician

This page is for magic shows and balloon workshops for OSHC and Vacation Care centres in the Greater Sydney area. For other areas please call 0432 678 114 or email

“Michael thanks for coming and bringing us Mr Bamboozle, he managed to engage all 100 children (which is quite a feat) including those hard to please “I’m too cool” cause I’m over 9 years of age ones.”

All New Show for 2020!

Mr Bamboozle and the Magician's Exam

Imagine you have a really difficult exam next week. Imagine it’s a magic exam and you’re just not that confident about it. You know it’s going to be hard and you’re having trouble believing in yourself. What would you do? Mr Bamboozle thinks he’ll have to invent some sneaky ways around it. Will it work? Or will he find his self-confidence in time? What’s possible when we believe in ourselves?

Clever scripting, amazing magic and hilarious physical comedy combine in this interactive show that is sure to delight and enchant 5 to 12 year-olds and grown-ups alike.

2019 Show: Mr Bamboozle's You Choose the Magic Show

Imagine a magic show where the audience gets to choose the magic. That would be crazy, right? They could come up with all sorts of strange things. And that's exactly what happens in this show!

Trained actor, comedian, storyteller and magician Michael Patterson (aka Mr Bamboozle) has taken the magic show to a whole other level of interaction.
With Mr Bamboozle guiding them, the audience explores themes around choices and choosing and not being able to get everything we want in this energetic and gloriously fun show for 5-12 year-olds and grownups alike.

“Thanks for the great show! You even left the staff in awe!”

Mr Bamboozle entertaing children in vacation care

Creative Balloon Workshops

A lot of fun for staff and children alike!

This is where the children get to be creative and gain a great feeling of achievement from making their own balloon creations. As with his magic shows, Mr Bamboozle’s Creative Balloon Workshops quite literally put the power into the children’s hands. For an hour they will be shown and guided through the process of safely handling, inflating and twisting balloon animals and objects known and as yet unimagined!

Mr Bamboozle will bring pre-inflated balloons so you can get started quickly and time is not wasted inflating them at the beginning of the workshop. He also brings pumps, plenty of extra balloons and markers. While the children are shown and assisted through various different animals and creations, they are also encouraged to use their imaginations and create whatever they want, using as many balloons as they want. All children are supported to learn and to do as much as they can for themselves, thus giving them a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Smaller balloons are supplied to allow younger children to twist and bend with confidence before moving on to the regular balloons. Suitable for ages 3 to 93.

“All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole of your show and workshop and are absolutely loving the balloons!”


  • Age-specific delightful, positive and interactive magic show
  • Includes props, theatrical backdrop, music, sound effects and portable PA system
  • All workshop materials including balloons, pumps and markers are supplied
  • Special balloons for younger children makes it easier for them to participate
  • Colourful A3 and A4 posters to promote the show/workshop in your centre, these help to build numbers and anticipation
  • Flyers with show/workshop details for each child to take home
  • Children and staff working together creatively
  • Group and individual photo opportunities
  • Take-home gift for each child
  • Professional yet personal service and attention to detail

“The children loved having Mr Bamboozle at the centre.”


Mr Bamboozle’s Magic Shows and Creative Balloon Workshops are tailored for 5 to 12 year-old children and will keep all the children - even the older ones - enthralled and laughing throughout.

Magic Show: Mr Bamboozle's You Choose the Magic Show! (1 hour)

Workshop: Creative Balloon Making Workshop (1-3 hours)

Combo: Magic Show and Workshop on the same day (2-4 hours)

Split:** Magic Show and Workshop on different days in the same holidays. 2 visits (2-4 hours)

Where possible larger workshop groups (45+) will be split and additional workshops run at no extra charge.

** Only available in the Greater Sydney area


Packages from just $6+GST per child with discounts available for services that have had a show in this or last year and for booking multiple shows in the same calendar year. A generous discounted rate is available for small groups of up to 25 children as well as a customised show and a very generous discounted rate for groups of children with additional needs.

Email to request current rates

“Fantastic experience for all including staff!”

2019 Availability

Sydney: After School Care - any time of year

Sydney, Wollongong and Campbelltown: Vacation Care - all school holidays

Canberra: Vacation Care - January 28-31 2020

Book Instantly!

For the Greater Sydney area, book online in under 3 minutes with instant confirmation of your booking.

For other areas or more information please email

“The children loved it and talked about it for days."


Can younger children really twist balloons?

Mr Bamboozle regularly conducts balloon making workshops for children, some as young as 3 years of age and has special smaller balloons for the younger children. They can start with these to build their confidence and then move onto the larger balloons or just use the smaller ones.

Do I need to provide any special equipment for Mr Bamboozle?

Mr Bamboozle is self sufficient and will bring everything he needs including his own power.

Do Mr Bamboozle’s magic shows change every year?

Mr Bamboozle's OSHC and Vacation Care shows are themed and have a storyline. They change each year.

Does Mr Bamboozle have a Working With Children Check and Public Liability insurance?

Yes, he has a WWCC and carries public liability insurance. Both are provided as a matter of course when the booking is confirmed.

How can the show appeal to all ages?

Mr Bamboozle (Michael Patterson) is a fulltime children’s entertainer. He does not perform at birthday parties or for adult audiences. His focus is on children and on incursions. He has performed thousands of shows and is passionate about bringing quality entertainment to children and impacting positively on their lives. He has trained in theatre, storytelling, clowning and magic as well as comedy writing and stand-up. He continually invests in professional development in all of these areas.

How much space is needed for the magic shows?

Bigger is best. If you have access to a hall it will create more atmosphere for the show and it will seem more important and special for the children. It also gets them out of their usual room. Having said that, as long as there is room for a backdrop, some performance space and room for the children to sit, that will suffice.

How much space is required for the Creative Balloon Workshops?

More space is needed for these as the children will need some space to move around and get creative.

Is Mr Bamboozle registered for GST?

Yes, he is.

When will we receive our posters, flyers and tax invoice etc?

If you've booked early you will receive all of the above by email before Week 5 of term. Otherwise within one week of booking.

The children asked for Mr Bamboozle to visit every holidays.

Aleks Donnelly, Director - Mawson OSHC

The joy of magic, the joy of children's laughter, made for a very enjoyable session and a fun vacation care.

Andrea Frankel, Director - Holy Cross Vacation Care Centre

Some of the older children thought the show wouldn't be for them but 2 minutes in they were laughing with the younger ones.

Andrew Bingham, Teacher - Asquith Vacation Care

Appropriate for all ages; vibrant performer who encourages all children to participate.

Anna, Educator - Waverley Community OSHC

Very professional and child appropriate. Magic show had their attention and made them laugh. Loved the set-up with the backdrop. Very interactive with the children.

Bethaney Lyman, Coordinator - Seaforth OSHC

Thought the show and balloon workshop were outstanding. The kids really enjoyed them.

Blake Borgia, Currawong Children's Centre

Was a great show. Very funny - the kids had a great time.

Carly Alexander, Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse

It was a fun and enjoyable balloon workshop.

Claire, Carlingford West OOSH

The children loved having Mr Bamboozle at the centre. They had a great time and heaps of laughs.

Eli Miranda, Abbotsford Community Centre

Mr Bamboozle presented an amazing show. He was punctual, professional and engaging for staff and 70+ students. He was able to cater for the needs of all children, learnt and spoke to the children using their names and encouraged all to reach their full magical potential.

Emma Young, Coordinator - Holy Family COOSH

Great show - children loved it especially being able to interact with the tricks and balloons.

Gai Casey, Co-Ordinator Cromer Vacation Care

I was impressed all the children paid attention and got involved (with the magic show)…they all enjoyed it and participated well. Hands on with the balloon making kept the children busy and experimenting with different shapes. I would definitely recommend this to other groups.

Ginne Lologa, Assistant Director, Five Dock OOSH

Hi Michael,
Thanks for coming and bringing us Mr Bamboozle, not one of those TV  magicians who could have sawn me in half or made all the children disappear, however he managed to engage all 100 children ( which is quite a feat) including those hard to please "I’m too cool" cause I'm over 9 years of age ones.
The kids had a great time, and judging by the fact that they all remained seated and facing the front watching meant it must have been working for them. I believe Mr Bamboozle does balloon workshops/ balloon art so we will be contacting him to see what his availability is next school holidays....Sept/Oct. Also it was great value for money.
So well done, thanks for coming. Loved ya work...see ya soon.

Jenny Gratton, Coordinator SHARE Combined OSHC

Love ya work – again! See you soon.

Jenny Gratton, Coordinator SHARE Combined OSHC

Thank you so much for attending our vacation care program! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole of your show and workshop and are absolutely loving the balloons! Even after you left they would not put them down! Fantastic experience for all including staff! I am sure the kids will be raving in many weeks to come. Thank you.

Karlie Chalker, Coordinator Darlington Aftercare Association

A must do - very exciting, interactive, funny and enjoyable - great for all ages.

Kate Sweeting, Educator - UnitingCare HOOSH

Inclusive, interactive and suitable for all age groups.

Lesley Karberg, Director - Skoolzout@Albion Park

The kids had a ball and loved every minute of it, I would definitely do this activity again.

Lorraine Freeman, Supervisor Blacktown South Activities Childcare Centre

A parent came and told us that her daughter had to talk about her favourite activity during the school holidays and the teacher said she went on and on about Mr Bamboozle. She loved getting picked out of the audiene and even brought in her balloons to show the class.

Louise Hynes, Director - Aranda Afters Association Inc

Very fun for the kids and they had a great time. Thanks very much.

Matthew van Arkel, Bernie Mullane Sports Complex

Mr Bamboozle was an entertaining show put on for the children. All the children were involved and he added a trick in about a teacher which was very entertaining. Brilliant show!!

Nadelle, Clempton Park OSHC

Fabulous fun for children and adults. 5 out of 5 stars.

Nicole Graham, Coordinator - Helping Hands Network Rosemeadow

Mr Bamboozle is FANTASTIC! If you want a comical and magical experience for your children he is definitely the person to call. All of our children left amazed, amused and with fantastic balloon making skills.

Rebecca Hemingway, Co-Coordinator - Bellevue Hill Kids Club

The children really enjoyed the show. They loved Mr Bamboozle's humour as well as the tricks and enjoyed having a go themselves to make balloons.

Rebecca Rahme, Director - Santa Sabina OOSH

The kids said it was mad. That means really good!

Ruth, Educator - SLOOSH

Hard to find reasons for the children not to enjoy the magic show or balloon workshop.

St Clair OOSH Care

I thought the show was very creative and was fun and entertaining and the children really enjoyed it.

Tati, Assistant - Jenny Wren Vacation Care

The children were not sold on magic at the start (I'm sure you deal with this all the time) older children sceptical....the way your show progressed roped all the group in.

Tony Kee, Senior Staff Member Columba Cottage Outside School Hours Care Service

Thanks for the great show! You even left the staff in awe!

Wendy Blackburn, Director of Holiday Care International Grammar School

Kids of all ages enjoy Mr Bamboozle's different shows